Cast & Crew

The Stranger Tale Films Team

Creating Video Nazi

The Video Nazi project is being helmed by directors Chris Clark and Richard Dutton, producer Daniel Sumpton, and special fx artist Ben Thwaites.

All four filmmakers worked on the independent feature film Shadows of a Stranger, a film shot entirely on blue screen in a Lincolnshire barn, and which featured Colin Baker of Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Honeywell of CBeebies, and Colin McFarlane of Batman Begins. Written and directed by Clark and Dutton, Shadows was a 2 hour film comprised entirely of special effects shots, and took over 4 years to complete.

With Video Nazi, the Stranger Tale Films team has planned to get back to the Lincolnshire countryside without any blue screens in the way this time, having returned to a horror story project that they began developing a number of years ago, and which has been updated and refreshed into something that will have immediate engagement with horror audiences.


The Cast

The cast for Video Nazi is currently being assembled.